Since the start of the pandemic last year, school and work has moved to using remote software services to allow education and employment to continue online. One of the most popular services being zoom. Despite being online, it is still important to remain professional and have proper etiquette on zoom. This blog lays out some general rules for being a professional while using online software like zoom for classes or meetings.

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In Class

If you are one of the many students now using zoom to attend school then here are some tips for zoom etiquette. 

  1. When joining the call make sure you arrive on time. Just like you would for an in-person class, the same should be done for an online class. 
  2. Check your professor’s policies. Some teachers require a camera to be on and some do not. If a teacher asks you to have your camera on, it is important to do so to show respect.
  3. Keep your microphone muted until you want to participate. Leaving your microphone on can add a lot of background noise to the call, and distract from the lesson
  4. Use the chat feature. If you miss something or have a question, do not be afraid to put it in the chat for the teacher to address when they are done. This also allows other students to respond if they know the answer
  5. Participate! Just like normal class teachers want to hear your input because it is so valuable and adds to the discussion.
  6. Do not be afraid to speak up. There is a raise your hand feature in the icons that you can use to show that you have something to say
Team or Work Meeting
  1. Similarly to a class be sure to show up on time! “Video meetings make it obvious when colleagues show up late, wasting the time of those who log in promptly” (WallStreetJournal). 
  2. Prepare materials before. You want your meeting to be effective and streamlined, so preparing before can help you do this
  3. Set an agenda for what is hoped to be accomplished in the meeting
  4. Be respectful. Allow others to talk and share ideas. It is inevitable to talk at the same time as someone else at some point, but when this happens simply apologize and maintain respect
  5. Avoid multitasking. On a zoom call, it is very easy to tell when someone is multitasking because they are unengaged and seem preoccupied. This does not help the meeting run effectively.
An Interview
8 Tips for Acing Your Next Virtual Interview | Northeastern University

Many organizations are now conducting interviews online. For an interview the same rules on timeless and respect want to be followed, but here are some extra tips:

  1. Check your background. You want to ensure your background is professional and clean to avoid any distractions. Zoom has a feature in setting where you can upload a professional background if you can not find one where you are located
  2. Dress as you would for an in-person interview! You want to appear put together. Business casual is usually expected.
  3. Check your lighting. It is extra important in an interview to have good lighting so employers can see your face.
  4. Smile. While it can seem weird to smile at a computer screen, the person interviewing you is also feeling that same awareness. Smiling can reduce this feeling and make you look like an approachable kind candidate they want working for their company. 

To learn more about zoom etiquette and features you can utilize, see the resources below: