Staying home has been an adjustment for all of us.

Here are a few ideas to make staying in just as fun going out.

Valentines Day Recipes

Whether you have a Valentine this year or just a sweet tooth, you are going to love these sweet treats! These heart-shaped, pink treats will get you in the spirit of love. Send a batch of treats to some friends, share them with your partner or keep them for yourself. No matter what you decide to do, these tasty sweets are guaranteed to fill your heart up with love.

pink heart cookies for saint valentine day
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Rice Krispie Hearts

This recipe is based on everyone’s favorite childhood snack… Rice Krispie Treats! This is the cutest way to show your love for your friends and family. It is sweet, simple, and absolutely delicious! You can add M&M’s or some sprinkles, really whatever treat you like! This recipe is totally customizable, which means you can personalize it especially for your Valentine. If you want to know how to make this recipe, you can find the full instructions on Lifestyle with Leah.

Cupid Chow

If you love trail mix or any salty and sweet snack this is going to be your new favorite treat. This is probably the easiest recipe on this list, all it requires is mixing! This is great for a snack, to throw in your kid’s lunch box, or to give in a Valentine’s Day gift basket! This treat is a simple way to show love to your friends and family. Give it a try, this DIY comes from Crafty Morning.

Red Velvet Cake Balls

Red velvet anything just screams Valentine’s Day! These cake balls are delicious, they give you the perfect little bite of cake without being too much. If you are skeptical about red velvet, don’t worry (shhh… it’s just chocolate). This is a fun treat that you can have any time of year, but adding a little pink and red will make this sweet treat perfectly festive. This yummy DIY comes from Chocolate With Grace.

Mini Apple Pie

This is a great take on an American classic. You don’t have to have grandma make this apple pie. It is simple, delicious and festive. This dessert is most definitely for the dessert connoisseur in your life. An apple pie is no easy feat, but you will definitely be happy that you tried this delicious Valentine’s Day recipe! For the full recipe, check out Good Life of a Housewife.