We love Soul Dogs!

We were searching for a job that our son would enjoy and be passionate about. One that he would find personally fulfilling; using skills that he is proud of. This is no small task and we had been disappointed many times before. Most ‘job coaching, development, placement” programs seem to be more interested in ‘placing’ the person as quickly as possible in an open job. Any open job. Regardless of fit or preference or abilities. 

Soul Dogs has not been that way at all. The folks we have worked with at Soul Dogs take the time to understand our son and his specific set of circumstances. They develop a plan, research options, develop skills, and work side by side with him to make sure that he is successful every step of the way. 

And best of all, our son is happy! Alison and Zach have been awesome and we are so grateful we were referred to Soul Dogs!!

Thank you, Tonya, for the kind words! Soul Dogs takes pride in taking the necessary time to meet the needs of each and every person.

Soul Dogs offers a wide variety of employment related services.

Employment Services:

Soul Dogs has a three types of employment services: Job Readiness Training, Job Development and Placement, Job Coaching/Supported Employment.

Job Readiness:

Work Adjustment Training: The job readiness program is for those with disabilities that limit them to obtain competitive employment. This training includes improving problems such as attendance, punctuality, dress, hygiene and interpersonal relationships.

Prevocational Training: In our prevocational training, we teach concepts such as compliance, attendance, task completion, problem solving and safety. For those wanting to work in animal services, Soul Dogs offers training specifically for the animal service industry. These skills include dog walking, dog grooming, dog training, etc.

Job Development and Placement:

We provide job training and placement to those looking to work in the community and the animal service industry. If an individual is interested in working in the animal service industry, we have a program called train-the-trainer, allowing individuals to work as a trainer. Additionally, individuals not interested in animal services industry are welcome as well.

Job Coaching/Supported Employment

Additionally, Soul Dogs will continue to work with the individual after they have started their job to give any additional support needed. The goal is to give as much independence as possible but if needed the job coaches will accompany the individual at the job site for as long as needed.

*Currently All Virtual Services Due to COVID-19*

If you are interested in learning more: https://soul-dogs-inc.org