Dog Tips: How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Whether you have recently adopted a 10-week old puppy or a 10-year old dog, it is valuable to keep your canine safe and healthy. When both of you are happy and in good health, it strengthens your bond. Listed below, we have compiled several tips to aid you in being an amazing dog parent.

Soul Dog, Sky, looking cute and healthy.
  1. Keep your dog at a healthy weight. A combination of lack of exercise and overeating can lead to numerous health problems. This may include diabetes, organ dysfunction, and arthritis. Dogs often meet their nutritional needs by eating quality food. We recommend talking with your veterinarian if you decide to change your dog’s food.
  2. Touch your dog’s nose. Their nose is always wet, though the level of moisture will vary by dog and time of year. A healthy dog should have a cool and slightly wet nose when you touch it. Dogs secrete sweat through their nose to help cool down.
  3. Regular vet visits. Whether you decide to visit the vet once every 6 months or once a year, it is crucial to visit your vet. Many vets recommend visiting annually. This may help you take preventative actions in spotting diseases or early warning signs of diseases. 
  4. Make a first-aid kit for your pet. An accident or situation may occur at any moment. It is extremely valuable to be prepared with all of the essentials you may need. You may never know when you need to care for your pet while camping or on a hike and are unable to receive help. Check out this great list of items to put in your canine’s first-aid kit. 
  5. Brush your dog’s teeth. This prevents gum disease, which links to health problems such as heart or liver disease, and keeps your dog’s breath smelling fresh. Ask your vet for some of their recommended toothbrushes and toothpastes to look into. 

  6. Groom your dog regularly. This will help in getting rid of unwanted hair when they are shedding and checking the health of their coat and skin. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to look for parasites, such as fleas or ticks, that may be hiding in their coat.

The act of caring for your dog is a full-time job, but you are rewarded with the best furry friend. Read the last two blogs to learn more about “Fun Summer Activities to do with Your Dog” and “Tips to Protect Your Dog’s Paws”.

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