Staying home has been an adjustment for all of us.

Here are a few ideas to make staying in just as fun going out.

Tik Tok Trends

Tik Tok has taken the internet by storm! It is one of the most popular apps available and it is full of great original content. Whether you like comedy videos, cooking videos, dog videos, or fashion, you will definitely find something on Tik Tok that suits you. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through the app, try making your own content. Making content is so fun and it really is an opportunity to show off your skills. If you don’t know where to start, no worries! Here is a list of easy Tik Tok trends you can do from home right now.

Whipped Cream Toss

Photo from by Andrew Lancaster

This challenge is hilarious and all you need is whipped cream! Simply put a small amount of whipped cream on your left hand, and use your right wrist to hit your left forearm. This will send the whipped cream flying in the air. As the whipped cream falls down, try and catch it in your mouth. This is a great challenge to do with other people in your house, it’s messy but so fun. Here is a video example from Pete Morales.

Dog Glow-up Trend

pensive black man stroking akita inu lying on floor
Photo by Zen Chung on

This is the cutest challenge on Tik Tok! For this trend, you are going to need the help of your pup. All you need to do is film your dog now and then insert a clip of them as a puppy. Try to make the settings as similar in the first and second video so people can really see how much your cute dog has grown. This is also a great way to capture memories of your furry best friend. Here is an example from OrzoTheGolden on Tik Tok.

Snow Jumping Trend

woman in black jacket and gray knit cap on snow covered ground
Photo by Vlad Chețan on

It is wintertime in Colorado, which means it’s snow season! This trend is great because all you need is some snow. Using the sound in this video by Federico on Tik Tok, jump into a pile of snow every time the sound says “wee”. This is funny but simple! Plus, who doesn’t like playing in the snow?! Make sure you are being careful and not doing anything that could hurt you. Throw on a jacket and some gloves and have fun in the snow!

Domino Challenge

man and woman doing dance post in concrete road at daytime
Photo by Silvio Barbosa on

For this Tik Tok trend, you are going to need a partner! Grab someone from your house and have them do this awesome dance challenge with you! You are probably going to need to practice a few times before you press record, but that is all part of the fun! You can even film your bloopers to make fun memories! Dancing is great exercise and a lot of fun, show off your moves with this groovy trend. Here is an example of the dance from Jessie J herself.

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