The story of Swansea Jack is a relatively unknown one. It all started in 1930 when the young pup was born into the hands of Taulford Davies a young british man. Shortly after when Swansea Jack was a puppy he often attacked ducks in a local park where he destroyed the population. It was at this time the young pup was given to William Thomas who cared for the dog at his home on the shore of a river. 

As Jack made himself at home in his new place of residence he got more accustomed to the ocean and made his first save shortly after in June of 1931. A young boy was disposing of some garbage near the shore when he got into a scuffle and soon was dragged into the dangerous waters. Lucky the retriever saved the boy from the water and was dragged back to shore by the heroic dog. 

However, Jack’s legend really started with his second save during the month of July when he saved a distressed swimmer from drowning. As he pulled the swimmer to shore many onlookers stood watch and spread word of the dog’s heroic deeds. It was such a miraculous save that Jack ended up on the evening newspaper 

As time went on Jack saved more and more people from drowning. His tally of saved people eventually rose to 14 by 1934, but it might be higher as his owner was illiterate and unable to keep track of all of Jack’s heroics. But as time went on the dog garnered national attention and claimed a few awards for his heroic acts on the mouth of the river. As time went on his official save count rose to 27 which made him a local legend in Wales.

Sadly though Jack swallowed some fatal poison at age seven and died from the act. His body rests to this day at a memorial that still stands on the promenade near St Helen’s Rugby Ground. 

The amazing tale of hero dog Swansea Jack who saved 27 lives...but met a  gruesome end - Wales Online