If you have ever seen Harry Potter, you may have heard of the lead actor in the movie Daniel Radcliffe. Although many only look upon his success as an actor, another success he attributes to would be his battles with Dyspraxia, creating a struggle for the actor, yet it’s what led him to so much success.

Early Life

Daniel Radcliffe is an English actor who is best known for playing Harry Potter throughout the trilogy during his adolescence and early childhood. He was born in 1989 and raised in London to parents from South Africa and Northern Ireland. He attended three separate schools throughout his schooling, and while attending school, he managed to release some of his very first Harry Potter films. Being both a child actor and student proved quite tricky to Radcliffe, eventually leading him to take acting over education. His first debut was in the 2001 film The Tailor of Panama, and from there was selected to be Harry Potter, taking off his career.

“Some people have it very badly and find it hard to, you know, catch a ball. I’ve never had it quite that bad, although you should see me throw, it’s also a processing thing, so I take in information slightly slower than everyone else does,”

Daniel Radcliffe

Challenges With Dyspraxia

Even though his success has been tremendous both on and off the screen, Radcliffe suffers from a developmental coordination disorder called Dyspraxia. This disorder can make things even as simple as tying your shoes and writing a constant struggle, which in Radcliffe’s case, he only had a mild chance. Even though it is a soft case, it still gives him huge trouble daily, but it did not stop him from achieving greatness. This disorder was not going to stop him from achieving what he wanted, as he has had this dream since the age of five.

“Through doing training and through doing bits of gymnastics when I was younger on Potter, that has absolutely stood me in very good stead and has made all the dyspraxia stuff kind of decrease a lot,”

Daniel Radcliffe


Even though Radcliffe did not have a severe case of the disorder, it indeed plagued him daily. However, through determination, like most within the IDD community, success is in the eyes of the beholder. He had a dream, and he chased it, which shows anyone that their goals are within reach if you persevere and put your mind towards the sky.