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If you have ever seen Johnny Knoxville, you may have heard of Aaron Fotheringham. Fotheringham is a regular in many of Johnny Knoxville’s stunts. Aaron Fotheringham is most well known for his appearance in Nitro Circus, his claim to fame being his ability not just to skate but wheelchair skate.

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Early Life

Aaron was born in 1991 with Spina Bifida, a congenital disability on the spinal cord. This condition caused him to have no control over his legs, but this did not stop Aaron from achieving and succeeding. Even at a young age, he did everything in his power to do what every other kid was doing; he just made it work for his abilities. Aaron was known to wear a superman cape as a child and blast down the hallway on crutches, and most important, never stopped believing. After his crutches, he was placed in a wheelchair full-time from the age of 8. At a young age, he would watch his brother ride BMX at a local skatepark and wanted to give it a try with his wheelchair. Ever since that first drop-in at a skate park, Aaron was hooked to the mastery of Wheelchair Skating.

Historic First: Aaron Fotheringham Accomplishes Wheelchair Back Flip

Professional Career

His professional career in wheelchair skating began when he customized a wheelchair to allow him to do tricks. As wheelchair skating was not a big sport when Aaron started, he would make up and perform stunts on the fly. One of his most well-known tricks would be the famous back-flip that he portrays, featured throughout both the show and various movies of Nitro Circus.

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Not only is Aaron a superstar on the half-pipe, but he has been a role model for young kids with disabilities. He swears by the philosophy that a wheelchair is not a restriction but rather a tool. He travels all over talking to young kids and teaching them a trick or two along the way. He wants to change the world’s perception of people on wheelchairs and help every individual see their own worst challenges in a new way.

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