Who is Sujeet Desia

Sujeet Desai is a musician who has mastered 7 different instruments. He was also born with Down Syndrome. Desai found his love for music during primary school. His instruments of choice include bass, clarinet, piano, violin, trumpet, drums, and alto saxophone. He started with violin and continued to learn more and more instruments. Desai graduated high school in Syracuse, New York in 2001 with a 4.3 GPA. He then went on to attend the Berkshire Hills Music Academy in South Hadley, Massachusetts. There, he studied Music and Human Services for two years before graduating in 2003. 

Then, he went on to become a teacher’s aide for a local elementary school in the music department. Desai also continued with musical volunteer work after graduation. He now performs in churches, schools, and nursing homes to bring a smile to the faces in his community with his musical talent. 

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Musical Career

Throughout his musical career, he has performed in almost all states of the United States and 13 different countries around the globe because he wants to share his gift with as many people as possible. One of his greatest musical accomplishments was performing in Carnegie Hall on May 20th, 2015 where he received a standing ovation from the crowd. He has received many awards for his talent including World Down Syndrome Day Award, Achievement Award for United Nations International Day of Disabled Persons, and the Thank You Award from the Special Needs Developmental Center in Dubai. 


Aside from awards, he has been recognized in many other ways such as documentaries and interviews. There are two documentaries about him as well as interviews featured on television and in newspapers. The Wall Street Journal featured him as well as Time Magazine. His television interviews took place on Oprah, 20/20, and The View. 

Desai has found much success in the music industry, but also branched out to participate in the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show in 2011. Down Syndrome Foundation hosted the show. There, he received an award for Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy. 

Above all, Sujeet Desai does not his Down Syndrome keep him from being successful or bringing happiness to people around the world with us music.

Watch a brief interview with Sujeet Desai from News 4:

Sujeet Desai’s website can be viewed here