“I’m a professional actor, dancer and model. I have Down’s Syndrome but that is not all I am.” -Sarah Gordy

Sarah Gordy

Who is Sarah

Sarah Gordy is a British actress, model, and dancer. She was born in London in 1976 with Down’s Syndrome. She is currently 44. Her mother is British and her father is American therefore Gordy has lived in both the UK and the United States during her life. When she is not working, she likes browsing Twitter, exercising, or helping to run Oyster Drama Group, a group that has dancing and shows. 


She began her acting career in school productions and says she always got big parts because her teachers felt she helped to give others confidence on stage. Her first professional acting adventures started with Kaleidoscope Theatre. She went to support a friend and ended up joining the company. She went on to secure gigs with Granada TV, Peak Practice, and Carousel Theatre.  

For training, her mother was her mentor. Her practice was mostly at her kitchen table with her mother and sister, Catherine. She practiced showing different emotions and memorized different stories as well as improv. 

In her career, she has had roles on multiple different shows and movies including Upstairs Downstairs, Call the Midwife, Holby City, The A Word, Strike: The Silkworm, Doctors, and more. She also has appeared on radio dramas, commercials, short films, and theatre productions. 

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Gordy is passionate about spreading awareness for Down’s Syndrome and inspiring others. She has given multiple TedX Talks and visited many schools to speak with both youths and adults. Gordy is also an ambassador for Mencap, a charity for learning disabilities. She volunteers for her local British Heart Foundation when she can fit it in her schedule. Along with her volunteer work, she is a patron for Circus Starr. Circus star is an organization that works to bring fun events to children with disabilities that would not be comfortable attending a large event.  

Sarah Gordy has accomplished so much in her professional career and is an inspiration to others to achieve their dreams. She has worked hard to get where she is and she continues to act, model, dance, and spread advocacy for those with disabilities. 

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