Collette Divitto is an accomplished baker. She was born with Down syndrome and decided to open her own bakery at the age of 26. Her bakery dreams became a reality because she felt defeated applying for jobs because no one seemed to want to hire her. She decided to take her fate into her own hands and be her own boss by opening her own business. 

Early Life

Divitto grew up in Connecticut. She struggled with making friends as she got older and entered high school. Her life had entered a dark period, but she was determined to make a change. She applied and was accepted to Clemson University’s LIFE program. Divitto excelled in the program and graduated an entire year early. After graduation, she relocated to Boston, Massachusetts and had hopes of getting a job and supporting herself. Unfortunately, she felt as if the world could not see past her disability and no one hired her. When her job interviews did not go as planned, she came up with a different plan. 

First Steps 

Her dream slowly turned into a reality because she kept trying despite the rejection she faced. Her first step was asking a local grocery store if they would sell her delicious cinnamon chocolate chip cookies in 2016. The store agreed and from there, her bakery was born. 

Her business boomed and thousands of orders come every week for her famous cookies. 15 employees work for the bakery as well as two interns. The cookies can be found in stores in California, Massachusetts, and Connecticut or ordered online for shipping. Divitto not only bakes the cookies, but takes care of packaging, hiring, shipping, and other aspects of the business. 


Her next goal is to partner with the popular ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s because she would like her cookie to be available in stores nationwide. She would like them to offer a flavor of ice cream with her cookie inside of it. 

Collette Divito has made her family proud and been an inspiration to people everywhere to follow their dreams and focus on their skills, not their disadvantages. Because of her determination, people everywhere get to enjoy her scrumptious treats. 

Check out her website here. They offer dog treats as well! 



Collette Bakery