Ángela Bachiller is a Spanish city councilor for Valladolid and a member of the People’s Party. Bachiller is widely recognized as one of the first people with down syndrome to be elected into a political position. 

Early Life

In her early life, Bachiller was raised by relatively supportive parents who were proactive throughout her childhood. In efforts to be supportive, her parents were determined to raise her no different from any other child. She often would play with friends, participate in sports, and go out to the movie theatres and favorite restaurants. Her parents were determined to give her a start on education at an early age, sending her to school at the age of 1, emphasizing the role education will play in her life. Some of the principles she gained from her mother including discipline and knowledge. As she received a quality education throughout her life, she has made it her mission to place some economic focus on guaranteeing an excellent education for those with disabilities. Through her experiences as a child and her disability, she is a fantastic voice for so many that generally have not had their voice heard in the political sphere.

Bachiller likes to defy the sort of stereotyping that people usually assign to those with Down syndrome, refusing to be penned into a narrow category of success which focuses on an ability to overcome adversity rather than excel.”

(Howard 2020)

Political Career

In 2009, she began her political career in the Spanish City of Valladolid as an administrative assistant in the city hall. For her job as an administrative assistant, she worked directly with the Social Welfare and Family department for almost three years. After three years she was then elected into a political position. In the year she was elected many scandals were occurring within the Spanish government, along with the resignation of a high-ranking political official, and economic recession. Much to say for many that people lost faith in the system. Although Bachiller, won the people’s approval over, as she should great aspiration for the future of the country and her ability to create opportunities for individuals with special needs and disabilities won the publics’ attention.

Pathway to the Future

Not only has Angela Bachiller broke ground for a group of individuals to enter the political sphere, but she is also the advocating voice for change and possibility. No matter if an individual has a disability, they are still able to achieve greatness!