Dog Tips: Simple Ways to Teach Your Dog How to Lie Down

The “lie down” or “down” command may be one of the more important commands to teach your dog and is essential for their safety and your peace of mind. Down is useful in many situations, such as helping your dog relax in a hectic situation or when you are at a coffee shop. Before you train your dog how to lie down, they must be proficient at the sit command. If you need to continue working with your canine at this, our previous blog “Helpful Tips to Teach Your Dog Hot to Sit” is available for you to read. Once your furry friend has mastered down, they will be able to learn other good behaviors and tricks.

Soul Dog Nugget performing the down command (and being the most handsome boy ever).
  1. Make sure you have plenty of small and delicous dog treats. This style of dog treats will keep the training session moving without feeding your dog a Milkbone each time they complete the command. Reserve these treats only for training sessions and use different treats when rewarding your dog for other good behavior. Click here to check out training dog treats on Chewy. 
  2. Practice often and in different environments. Utilize different parts of your house, front yard, and backyard to practice the command. Once you feel that your canine is paying attention to you and understands the command, you can move onto other places. 
  3. Never force your dog to lie down. Though it may be tempting to show your dog what you want, this action will result in a negative response. They will become frightened and it is increasingly difficult to teach them.
  4. Train your dog when they are tired. It is difficult to teach your canine when they are full of energy because they will not remain still. Rather, work with your dog after you’ve taken them for a walk or have played with them. 
  5. When training, make sure everyone in the household utilizes the same cues. If you and your family are using two words for the same command, this confuses your dog. For example, if your dog jumps on a guest when they enter your house and you command “down” instead of “off, you cannot expect your dog to relax and lay down. It is essential to use clarity and the same word when training verbal cues. Click here to look at a dog training cue template that can be used by you and your family. When your household is working in harmony, this will make the training process go more smoothly. 

If you are searching for more tips on working with your dog, read “Introductory Dog Training Tips”. With patience and consistently working with your dog, they will become a pro at the “down” command.

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