This week, we are featuring RJ Mitte in our success stories of people in the IDD community series. 

About RJ

RJ Mitte was born in 1992 in Louisiana with cerebral palsy. He moved to California in 2006 because his sister was pursuing her own dream in acting. RJ began his acting career initially just to make friends, but ended up auditioning for roles and eventually landed a small character in Hannah Montana. Mitte continued in his acting career and later secured a role in the popular show Breaking Bad. Mitte soon found success in the fashion industry, modeling for GAP in campaigns all around the world. He has also participated in walking the runway in Men’s Fashion Weeks in cities globally. He found more fame when he became a guest star on Freeform’s Switched at Birth. 

BREAKING BAD Star RJ Mitte Will Show Up In ABC Family's Switched at Birth |  Rama's Screen

Cerebral Palsy 

Mitte was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of three years old. When Mitte started dabbling in acting, he decided he would never let his disability hold him back. He has starred and guest starred in countless shows including Everybody Hates Chris, Switched at Birth, Weeds, and more. His characters in multiple shows also have disabilities. In Switched at birth, his character had a head injury and was in a wheelchair. In Breaking Bad, his character had his same disability, cerebral palsy. 


RJ Mitte has been an advocate for people with disabilities for years. He has inspired many people by not allowing his cerebral palsy to dictate his life choices in tv, fashion, and film. He has had successful careers in all of those categories. Mitte has experienced bullying himself as a child which has inspired him to become an advocate for people with disabilities. RJ Witte is an official Ambassador for United Cerebral Palsy and Shriners Hospitals for Children. He has also been the celebrity face of campaigns launched in support of children with disabilities titled Cut the Bull Campaign. 

RJ Mitte is living out his dreams and not allowing his disability to hold him back in any way. He has been successful in television, film, and fashion. Check out his Instagram here.