Staying home has been an adjustment for all of us.

Here are a few ideas to make staying in just as fun going out.

Repurposing Common Household Items

If you don’t feel like going to the store to do a craft or if you’re on a budget, finding items in your house to repurpose is a great alternative. Repurposing common household items is a great way to give old things a new life. Maybe you have a hand me down item that isn’t quite your style but has sentimental value, repurpose it! Repurposing is eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Find some of these items in your house and add your own personal flair, it is much better than buying something new.

Candle Jars to Cute Containers

Image source: From Evija with Love

If you love candles. you will understand just how fast empty candle jars begin to stack up. Instead of tossing the beautiful glass candle jars, you can turn them into cute containers. These containers are perfect for q-tips or cotton balls, maybe you can even use them as a place to put your spare change. The ways you use these newly converted containers are completely up to you. Find a use for the containers that benefits you. There is a great DIY for this project by From Evija With Love, click here to check it out.

Magazine Rack to Planter Box

Image Source: Salvaged Inspirations

Remember those old magazine racks that your mom has in her house? Ask her to take it! Since no one is really buying paper magazines anymore (thank you Internet), the old magazine rack would be much better served as something else. In a DIY from Salvaged Inspirations, they show you how you can transform the magazine rack into a beautiful planter box. This DIY is fairly simple and will add a new and fresh element to your home.

Old Book to Secret Storage Box

Image Source: Girl in the Garage

As much as we would all like to be book lovers, it’s more realistic to assume you have a few large books that you never pick up. This DIY is all about transforming these unused books into a hidden treasure. If you liked mysteries growing up you have probably heard of people using old books as hiding spots. This DIY from Girl in the Garage will show you how you can make your own! You can hide valuables or extra money, no one will suspect you keep these items hidden on your bookshelf.

Worn Out Drawers to Shelves

Image Source: Girl in the Garage

You can truly never have too much storage space or decorative elements in your home. The old drawers that sit inside of that worn-out dresser you have can be beautifully converted into decorative shelving. These new shelves can be a perfect home for small houseplants, photos, and other small trinkets. These types of decorations will make your house feel finished and comfortable. The inspiration for this idea came from Girl in the Garage. Feel free to make this DIY your own by adding your favorite colors.

Ladder to Photo Display

Image Source: Home and Garden

Pictures are a great decorative element to add to your home, but sometimes it is hard to find space to put up all of your favorite photos. For this DIY, find yourself an old ladder either from your house or a thrift store and make it a space to hang your old photos. This is a very cute DIY that requires very minimal effort to create. If you need some instruction on how best to accomplish this, check out this great DIY from Home and Garden.

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