Back in March 1966, the Jules Rimet trophy was on display a few months before the World Cup was set to take place in London. One night while the trophy was resting in it’s display case for the night, the security guards on duty decided to take a short break. This soon turned out to be a mistake as when the guards returned they were shocked to find an empty case with no sign of the trophy. 

The event instantly made global headlines and the entirety of England was up in arms over the disappearance of the trophy that was entrusted to them. However, shortly after a ransom note was received from the alleged thief who called themselves “Jackson”. The note contained a small piece of the trophy and read that he was the one who had stolen the treasure. The thief had requested 15,000 pounds for its safe return so the authorities decided to go along with the request to stage an arrest for whoever showed up to accept the money. 

An undercover policeman met Jackson soon after with a briefcase stuffed to the brim with newspapers and a thin layer of 5-pound notes on the top. After the exchange of money, the man named Jackson was arrested and interrogated by police where they then came to find out that the man’s actual name was Edward Betchley. Even though an arrest was made Betchley claimed to only be a middleman for the operation so police were no closer to finding the missing trophy. 

Later on in the week on Sunday March 27th an amazing discovery by a young Border Collie named Pickles took place. While out on an evening walk Pickles found a package on the side of the street, so his owner Dave Corbett came over and found an object wrapped in newspaper and string. After tearing off some of the newspaper and some further inspection Corbett soon came to realize that the package was the famous Jules Rimet trophy!

Immediately after the find, Pickles and Corbett went to the local police station to present the trophy to the authorities. At first, Corbett was a prime suspect to the police. However, after hours of interrogation he was eventually released and given a cash reward for finding the trophy.

From that point on Corbett and especially Pickles became instant celebrities. Pickles was awarded a medal by the National Canine Defence League and received several other rewards. He even starred in a movie called ‘The Spy With a Cold Nose’.

From that year on, Pickles has been ingrained in the history books for his great detective work. You can find more information on Pickle’s story in the links below.