Pablo Pineda is a Spanish actor and educator who is most notable for becoming the first European with down syndrome to earn a university. He also completed both a diploma in the subject of teaching and a BA in Educational Psychology.

Early Beginnings

Pineda was born in 1974 in the town of Malaga in the country of Spain. Much of Pineda’s success in his adult life contributes to that of his early childhood. His parents emphasized to treat as an average child rather than acknowledge him for his disabilities. With this process of being raised commonly, even with a disability, he believes that some organizations for dealing with people who are members of the IDD community are more harmful than helpful. He believes that this breakthrough to a normal society is crucial for any IDD community member growing up in everyday life. He believes that anyone who has down syndrome should not be labeled as different, preferably just a member of everyday society.

Movie Career

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Before his great academic endeavors, he had a massive role in many films. One of his first breakouts into the film industry was a Spanish film “Yo Tambien,” which plays a college student with down syndrome. As an individual who has down syndrome, he encountered many troubles in acting, yet that didn’t hold him back from great success in the film. His motivation to join the movie was the ambition to empower other people with Down Syndrome. He wanted to change society’s viewpoint on people with Down Syndrome. A lesson for parents to teach their kids that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible, down syndrome does not define an individual. In the year 2009, Pablo Pineda won the San Sebastian International Film Festival award for the film’s performance.

Teaching Endeavors

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After staring at the film Yo Tambien, he took his aspirations from the big screen to educate and help others with Down Syndrome. In 2013 he published his first book, El Reto de Aprender, which reflects his education, teaching, learning, including his personal experiences. He currently works with the Adecco Foundation, a Spanish non-profit whose primary focus is to promote all people with disabilities. In the past, he has traveled the world to a plethora of countries sharing his message on equal opportunities for those socially excluded by their disability. Along with his travels, he is the most well known for his TED Talk advocating for the rights of individuals with down syndrome.


Soy Pablo Pineda y tengo síndrome de Down, pero no es mi nombre, ni mi  sello y no me define"

The great success for which Pablo Pineda has done for both society and the members of the Down Syndrome community demonstrates that anything is possible if you put your mind towards your goals and endeavors.