“The key to a successful organization is to have a culture based on a strongly held and widely shared set of beliefs that are supported by strategy and structure.” So what is organizational culture? Organizational culture is underlying values, beliefs, assumptions, and ways of interacting that contribute to the work environment.

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Organizational culture is very important to know and understand when working for a company. It can and will help you succeed with a company and here are some reasons why:

Fosters a Sense of Belonging

When you start at a new job it is important to do research on the organization’s culture. This includes learning their values, missions, leadership styles, and ways of communicating. Organizational culture is meant to bring a diverse workforce a shared set of meaning within the organization. Learning about the culture at your new job will allow you to assimilate into the new environment easily. It also will help you connect with your coworkers on something you share in common, working for that company.

Helps Make Decisions

Wherever you work you are going to have to make decisions. Making the right decision can be hard, but by living out organizational culture you can be more confident in making the right choice. Furthermore, problems will arise, and you need to be equipped with the knowledge of the company’s values and missions in order to effectively come up with solutions to any problems. Lastly understanding organizational culture will help you make a decision when the answer isn’t clear. Sometimes in work, we have to deal with complicated situations with unclear answers, but acting and living the organizational culture of the company you work at will help you navigate through these situations.

A Connection to Job Fit

Another reason organizational culture is so important is that it sets the tone of the workplace. When applying for a job you should be researching the organizational culture of the company you are applying to. You want to work for a company whose values and missions align with yours. It can be hard to succeed in an environment that does not foster and live out the same principles you believe in. Working with a company whose culture you identify will help you succeed. This is because organizational culture is the bottom line of every company. It creates the organization. If you are a fun-loving, outgoing, enthusiastic person then you want to work with a company that fosters those same characteristics within the workplace. Doing so will ensure not only that you fit the job, but that the job fits you! 

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