Waking up each morning is supposed to be a joyful experience, but in reality, many humans struggle to get out of bed. I don’t want you to fear because I am here to give you a bunch of trusted tools to wake up in the morning and have a successful mental health day. Just like my previous blog soul-dogs-inc.org/mental-health-tips-easy-coping-mechanisms-to-relieve-stress/ I will share 5 tips that have been proven by professionals to reap great benefits on mental health and overall happiness. I will also discuss how Soul Dogs Inc has had a positive impact on the mental health of many of its clients. I am extremely excited to continue our mental health journey together. 

What is Considered Poor Mental Health?

Many of us tend to forget that a large amount of individuals experience poor mental health at one point or another throughout their lifetimes. Poor mental health is not equivalent to having mental illness. According to changeyourmind.org having poor mental health is defined as “Finding it difficult to manage how we think, feel, and act with respect to daily stresses.” Emotional intelligence plays a very important role when it comes to obtaining good mental health. When you are able to control your emotions you are able to think a lot more logically which leads to happier decision making. Happy decision making is one of the keys to having great mental health. 

5 Tips to Stay Happy Throughout the Day

Utilize these tips to ease yourself in stressful situations daily

  1. Remind Yourself
    • Most people don’t realize that the little things are what make us humans most happy. Leaving a simple motivational quote as the background on your phone can go a long way to increase your well-being throughout the day. Reading something as little as a quote can help you relieve stress and push you to strive for success in a happy manner
  2. Seek Happiness
    • Unfortunately, happiness doesn’t just appear in front of your face. If you wake up and feel that everything in your day is going wrong it is important to ‘seek’ happiness. This can be done by looking up a positive news article or watching a motivational video. This can also be done by offering small gestures of kindness when going about your daily routine. 
  3. Don’t Compare
    • This tip is definitely easier said than done, but I encourage you to worry about yourself. Social media and what others put online is a false reality and I never want you to forget that. Everyone goes through their own hardships and struggles. Just remember that you are individually doing your best and that’s all that matters. 
  4. Worry About Yourself
    • It’s hard to obtain a healthy mindset when your brain is filled with many worries and stresses. This is why it is extremely important and healthy to set aside some time. Whether that’s eating your favorite meal or watching your favorite show on TV before bed it is extremely important to treat yourself. 
  5. Be Kind to Others
    • It is scientifically proven when a person does good things they will feel more confident about themselves as a person. There is nothing like putting a smile on a human’s face. Examples can range from writing a nice note on your waiter’s receipt to helping out an old friend.

From personal experience, I believe these tools will create a healthy and happy mind. When practiced the right way you will see a better version of yourself bloom before you. 

Soul Dogs Inc and Mental Health

Soul Dogs Inc is a place where many individuals with an IDD come to work on different skills and their mental health. Soul Dogs Inc has proven through the usage of therapy and service animals that the mental health of individuals with IDD’s has increased rapidly. These individuals participate in group activities, excursions and different programs like ‘train the trainer’, where different parts of their brains are exercised. Growing social skills and job skills increases confidence and the overall mental health of these amazing humans. 

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By Zoelle