Mental Health Tips: Advice on Conducting a Healthy Relationship

Hello, Healthy Relationship!

In the world we live in today sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit and self-love. We tend to look past the ways we deserve to be treated and settle for the bare minimum. We all deserve to be put on a pedestal and granted the maximum amount of care and love. I am here today to remind you that healthy love exists and you deserve a partner who will love you as much as you love yourself. The key to having a healthy relationship is self-love. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to? Today I will be providing some researched tips and tricks about creating a healthier relationship with your significant other. I would read the article https://soul-dogs-inc.org/mental-health-tips-how-to-look-at-the-glass-half-full/, so you can obtain a positive outlook before channeling these new tips to create a healthy and happy relationship. Buckle up because this is the start of your new mental health journey. 

“The relationship we have with ourselves sets the foundation for every other relationship we have.” ― Gina Senarighi, Love More, Fight Less: Communication Skills Every Couple Needs: A Relationship Workbook for Couple

Defining a Healthy Relationship

When it comes to healthy relationships many humans don’t actually know the true definition. According to ny.gov a healthy relationship “involves honesty, trust, respect and open communication between partners and they take effort and compromise from both people. There is no imbalance of power. Partners respect each other’s independence, can make their own decisions without fear of retribution or retaliation, and share decisions.” This definition is powerful and extremely important. In a healthy relationship, both partners are equals and have a voice. In order to obtain a healthy relationship, you must understand the definition and its significance. 

“When you notice someone does something toxic the first time, don’t wait for the second time before you address it or cut them off. Many survivors are used to the “wait and see” tactic which only leaves them vulnerable to a second attack. As your boundaries get stronger, the wait time gets shorter. You never have justify your intuition.” 

Shahida Arabi

5 Tips to Lead a Healthy Relationship

Once you and your partner master self-love, mastering a healthy relationship will be a lot easier!

  1. Self Love
    • A healthy relationship starts with you. Like I mentioned previously if you don’t love yourself how can you expect someone else to? You can read some of my previous articles in order to start or continue your self-love journey. Staying positive and putting yourself first is definitely a great start!
  2. Keep Expectations Realistic
    • This second tip is a key component in enabling you and your partner to provide healthy love to one another. Expectations ruin a lot of great moments throughout our lives. Accepting your partner for who they are is extremely important in having a successful relationship. If someone was constantly trying to change who you are, I don’t think you would like it very much. It would cause resentment and anger and we don’t need that!
  3. You Must Communicate
    • Open and honest communication is what makes the heart grow fonder. When you are going through a rough time instead of taking it out on your partner you must learn to tell them what is bothering you. They want to be there for you and work through your issues alongside you. Make them feel comfortable enough to approach you when something is not going right. If you are not a good communicator, you must become one. A relationship won’t last without healthy communication amongst both partners. 
  4. Don’t Assume!
    • When you’re in a relationship for an extended amount of time, it’s important to continue to relay your needs and ask your partner to do the same. As we grow as individuals and in relationships, our needs tend to change. You can’t expect your partner to always assume what you want. If you don’t express what you want consistently then assumptions will be made and no one will be happy. 
  5. Understand Each Other
    • When potential arguments break out it’s important to hear your partner’s perspective. In doing so you are validating their feelings and emotions. An argument will be more likely to end on a positive note when both sides are heard and seen. If you are aggressively looking for an apology and that you are right the argument will end in underlying resentment and anger. Those are emotions that we like to stay clear of within a relationship.

Concluding Thoughts

A healthy relationship starts with you! If you see room to grow and change within your relationship let your partner know. It is important to be on the same page when dealing with growth. I hope you utilize these tips to help create a safe and healthy relationship with your significant other. Remember self-love is the key to success!






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