Soul Dogs, Inc. provides individuals on the DD/ID Waiver with behavior therapy and mental health services to include mental health assessment, mental health consultation, counseling and behavior line staff services. We specialize in treating those who have experienced trauma and who are ready to utilize an emotional support or service animal; this plan is to be added to his/her/their service plan. Many of the services are community based meaning we meeting the individual where he/she/they lives, works or plays to enable and teach the person how to handle stressors of everyday life and live a more, independent and inclusive life with the help of the service animal and support persons. We also have an on site office if the individual we serve prefers to meet in this setting.

All behavior services are funded through the Colorado DD Waiver Services. All therapists are trained in animal-assisted therapy and utilize their dogs who are trained by Soul Dogs, Inc. All therapists receive training in trauma-informed care as well as grief and loss, cognitive behavioral therapy, mental health issues, attachment disorder, etc. Behavior therapy/mental health therapy is typically one hour/week; behavior line services support the behavior plan by providing additional support up to six hours/week at home or in the community.

Meet our Behavior Therapists

Ms Chris Anderson – PhD ACSW LCSW CCTP

Executive Director

Ms Chris Anderson PhD ACSW LCSW CCTS has been a clinical social worker for over 40 years and has started a number of nonprofit companies in the southwest, the most recent More Maitri, Inc.

She is a certified clinical trauma specialist and has been working with individuals with ID/DD for over two decades. For four decades she has worked with trauma survivors, perpetrators, and mental health clients in a variety of settings.

She has utilized dogs in her therapies for decades and is currently enrolled in dog trainer instruction classes.

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Ashley Bueghly -CCTP

Behavior Therapist

Ashley Bueghly believes that counseling is the container for building a solid relationship with her clients. Her approach is interactive, warm and accepting. She specializes in trauma informed care and grief. When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. Ashley helps her clients, who include children, adults and families, to find healthy perspectives of themselves and strengthen their relationships.

Ashley has a strong background in cognitive behavioral therapy and evidenced based practices. No single approach is the right one for every individual, so it is important for Ashley to utilize skills learned from experience, education and collaboration in order to specifically meet the needs of her clients.  

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Cindy Navarrete

Behavior Therapist

Cindy Navarrete has lived in Colorado for about 19 years. She is currently attending the University of Denver looking to obtain a Master of Social Work (MSW) and received her bachelors in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Cindy has worked with the IDD individuals for 5 years and has found a passion for helping this population. Her love for animals started when she had her first dog at the age of 7, and later developed the love for animal behavior with her two dogs Millie and Laana.

Cindy is bilingual (Spanish/English), and looks forward with working with individuals in need of Spanish speaking services. Soul dogs combines the IDD population with Cindy’s love of dogs! 

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