Supported Employment Staff $20/hr

  • Full Time / Part Time
  • Anywhere


‘Job Coach’ is a very loose term at Soul Dogs, Inc. We have three types of Job Coaches. All of which play a part in supporting the participants in gaining paid, community-based employment.

  1. A) The ‘Job Readiness Coach’

The ‘Job Readiness Coach’ provides small groups of participants with the basic employability skills required to be an employee (ie attendance, accountability, appropriate relationships with coworkers, taking breaks, etc)

  • Part of ‘Job Readiness’ is classwork at the Soul Dogs, Inc. facility, the rest is spent in the community practicing the basic ’employability’ skills that the group is learning that week.
  • Drive the participants to community-based businesses in the Soul Dogs, Inc. van to practice the skills the group is learning that week.
  • Coordinate attendance, scheduling, updates, etc. with participants / providers / family / guardian / etc.
  • Ensure COVID-19 guidance, standards, and protocols are followed.
  • Develop ‘Outing Schedule’ for your groups that correspond with the topics you’re discussing that week.
  • Build relationships with managers, supervisors, and owners of community-based businesses to enhance training experiences, get discounts, and discuss the Soul Dogs, Inc. brand.
  1. B) The ‘Job Development Coach’

The Job Development Coach provides individuals with support in obtaining paid employment discovery, development, preparation, and acquisition.

  • Develop the individual’s Vocational Profile
  • Supports the individual in discovering their work place strengths and preferences.
  • Transports individuals into the community in personal vehicle to gain exposure to jobs and job types that fit their strengths and preferences.
  • Supports the individual in creating/developing their resume.
  • Supports the individual with in-person and online applications.
  • Transports the individual to job interviews in personal vehicle as needed.
  • Supports the individual at job interviews, communicates hiring benefits to employer/hiring manager.
  • Supports the participant in tracking applications, follow ups, and interviews. Continues supporting until the participant gains paid, community-based employment.
  1. C) The ‘Job Coach’ (or ‘Supported Employment Coach’)

The Job Coach provides support to the individual after they’ve gained paid, community-based employment.

  • If the participant has just been hired, the Job Coach goes to work with them, supports them with the employee orientation and assists with getting settled into their new position. The Job Coach must closely examine every aspect of the participant’s new position, ensure every work task is being met, come up with accommodations for the individual as necessary, and advocate with the employer as necessary.
  • Once the participant is comfortably settled into their job, the Job Coach develops a ‘Fading Plan’. This plan describes how participant can gain independence in some or all aspects of their job, if possible. Some participants require job coaching for every minute they are on the clock. Some only need to be checked in with for an hour or two a week. Every participant is different.
  • Advocate for the employee whenever necessary. Whether the employee needs an accommodation, needs different hours, needs shorter shifts, wants a promotion, or anything in between, the Job Coach is there to support the individual, mediate the conversation with the employee, and support the participant in maintaining long-term employment.

Part-time positions & full-time positions available

    To apply for this job email your details to directors@soul-dogs-inc.org