Work Adjustment Training

This program is for those whose disabilities limit them from obtaining competitive employment. It typically includes goal directed services focusing on improving problem areas such as attendance, punctuality, dress and hygiene, work stamina, and interpersonal relationships with co-workers and supervisors. Services can continue until objectives are met or until there has been noted progress. It may include practical work experience.

Prevocational Training

Soul Dogs, Inc. provides vocational services for individuals wishing to work in the animal services industry. Many individuals love animals and wish to work in the animal industry but do not have the skills necessary. Soul Dogs, Inc. prepares participants for paid community employment in the animal services field. Our services include teaching such concepts as compliance, attendance, task completion, problem solving, and safety that are associated with performing compensated work. The animal services field is a competitive field and Soul Dogs, Inc. teaches Dog Walking skills, Dog Grooming Assistant skills, Dog Training Assistant skills, Kennel skills, Doggie Daycare Assistant skills, etc. with certificates of completion the individual may take to a potential employer. We utilize on-line classes moderated by the pre-vocational staff for the educational piece which is completed at our base site.

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