The Job Development phase of the Soul Dogs, Inc. Job Services Program is focused around determining the participant’s workplace preferences, exploring interests, applying for jobs of interest, and interview training.

Soul Dogs, Inc. provides job training services for both individuals wishing to work in the community, as well as individuals wishing to focus their career path towards the animal services industry.

Many individuals love animals and wish to work in the animal industry but do not have the skills necessary. Soul Dogs, Inc. prepares participants for paid community employment in the animal services field. The animal services field is a competitive field and Soul Dogs, Inc. provides community based learning experiences based on the participant’s interests and preferences.

Soul Dogs, Inc. also provides job development services for individuals that do not wish to work in the animal industry. All industries and preferences are welcome.

Soul Dogs, Inc. is invested in providing intensive, ongoing supports that enable participants, for whom competitive employment at or above the minimum wage is unlikely absent the provision of supports, and who, because of their disabilities, need supports, to perform in a regular work setting. 

All Soul Dogs, Inc. training and employer partners are Community Integrated Employers (CIE) that employ and train individuals of all abilities.

Animal Industry Jobs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Kennel maintenance/kennel care
  • Assistant to kennel manager
  • Assistant in veterinary clinic
  • Walking dogs for veterinary clinic, humane society, rescues
  • Assistant in doggie day care
  • Customer service in pet store
  • Bather for dog groomer
  • Assistant in a boarding facility
  • Any job in any industry



We love Soul Dogs!

We were searching for a job that our son would enjoy and be passionate about. One that he would find personally fulfilling; using skills that he is proud of. This is no small task and we had been disappointed many times before. Most ‘job coaching, development, placement’ programs seem to be more interested in ‘placing’ the person as quickly as possible in an open job. Any open job. Regardless of fit or preference or abilities. Soul Dogs has not been that way at all. The folks we have worked with at Soul Dogs take the time to understand our son and his specific set of circumstances. They develop a plan, research options, develop skills, and work side by side with him to make sure that he is successful every step of the way. And best of all, our son is happy! Alison and Zach have been awesome and we are so grateful we were able to referred to Soul Dogs!!

– Tonya C.