The style in which one lives their life can affect fulfillment and happiness. Community involvement can add a feeling of connection to an individuals life. Skills are needed to be able to successfully be involved with a community. For example, learning the skills safety and transportation allow for independence in the community. At times learning new skills or lifestyles can be overwhelming. It is important to start small and take steps toward bigger goals.

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Public Transportation

Public transportation is a great way for someone to interact with others and gain independence. Often times, people are limited by their inability to drive themselves. Public transportation gives you the opportunity to pursue activities, hobbies and social interactions.

New skills can be scary causing someone to feel overwhelmed and stressed. It could be beneficial to accompany someone learning this new skill until they become more comfortable and confident. Overtime they will be able to use public transportation without anyones help.

Road Safety

Someone learning to become more independent with transportation it is important to become aware of road laws and safety. If they don’t have any experience with these rules it can be confusing. For example, if you have relied on a care taker to explain and guide you through transportation then you wouldn’t have a reason to learn these complex situations.

In addition, Endeavour Foundation recommends that you encourage your loved ones to take a road safety course to help learn the important skills needed to stay safe. Furthermore, it is important to practice these skills every time you use a form of transportation. Having these skills will give the individual confidence in themselves as well as peace of mind to their loved ones.

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