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In order to be an independent adult, it is important to acquire certain life skills. This week we are going to dive into the topic of being on time consistently. The two main contributing factors we will be looking at are telling time and making a schedule.

Telling Time

As an independent adult, telling time is an important skill that helps you navigate through everyday life. Life revolves around a clock and adults are expected to be on time and reliable.

Organizations use these same parameters to create a routine that can be relied on. For example, public transportation has time parameters that specify when it operates for throughout the day.

Furthermore, telling time is a major part of our lives and is the first step to becoming an independent adult.

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Making a Schedule

Creating a schedule that is effective and realistic with your time can be difficult.

Keys in Planning a Schedule:

  • Create a routine to create your schedule
  • Identify availability each week
  • Know your priorities and what is essential
  • Add time for the unexpected
  • Avoid taking on more than you can handle

Planning a schedule is a skill that improves overtime with practice. Finding what works best for you will take time and patience.

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