If you have been keeping up with our blogs then you have learned about interview tips, what to wear, and how to make a resume. In this blog we will be diving into what a cover letter is and what should be included

How to write a cover letter that gets you noticed

“The purpose of your cover letter is to expand upon the achievements in your resume, showcase your personality, and explain why you’d be a good fit for the company” (ResumeGenius). A cover letter should be paired with a resume when applying for jobs because it helps managers and recruiters learn more about you when screening applications. Cover letters are very important as they give insight into you as a potential candidate without being too long. The length of your cover letter should be one page, and this length is critical as companies receive many applications for one job. The person reading your cover letter does not want to read an entire essay, and they simply just do not have the time. This is why only the most important things about yourself should be included.

1. Memorable Introduction

Because employers receive so many applications and cover letters, you wanna make sure yours stands out. The introduction should grab the reader’s intention, just like in any good essay. You want to use keywords in the introduction describing your line of profession. You also want to state an expression of interest in the job opening. As to who you address the cover letter to, you can mention the company, a specific person if you know who will be reviewing applications, or say to whom this may concern if you are unsure

2. Body

A good rule of thumb is to have about 2 body paragraphs. In these, you want to talk about past work experience or projects that have helped you develop skills that you will be using in the job you are applying for. You also want to mention skills that make you a valuable addition to the company. The body paragraphs are the meat of the cover letter, where you go into detail about why you are a great candidate for the job.

3. Closing

The last section is the closing. You want to bring all the points you made in your opening and body together and reiterate how you will add value to the organization. You also want to be sure to thank the company and people who are reading your cover letter. Lastly, you want to provide contact information. This can be done in the closing, but also can be done in the opening or above it. There are many different styles and templates for cover letters, and below you can find some resources to learn more!