You probably have had to give a presentation for work or school before, but since moving remote for most things, giving presentations online can seem tricky. This blog outlines some general tricks for presenting online. Zoom has become a very popular platform used to connect people for work or school, and there are many features to help you when giving a presentation.

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Learn about the software you will be using

Before conducting an online presentation on a platform like zoom it is important to learn about the platform and what features it offers. This blog contains tips that are common for most online meeting platforms, but each software varies slightly. This is why it is important to prep yourself and do research on how to use the platform you will be presenting on.

Screen sharing feature

Most presentations are accompanied by a slide deck. In order to keep your audience engaged and draw attention to important aspects of your presentation, you should use a slide deck like you would in an in-person presentation. By using the share screen feature, you can pull up your slide deck and present, while allowing the audience to see your slides on their computer. This feature allows for your presentation to feel normal and adds visual aspects when conducting a presentation online.

The option to mute the audience

When giving a presentation on zoom and other platforms, there is an option to mute all members besides those who are presenting. This is a great feature to use because it can eliminate the risk of someone accidentally adding background noise while you are presenting.

Password protection
Is Password Protection Really Enough?

Another amazing option for online meetings is protecting the meeting with a passcode. This can ensure no person jumps into the meeting during your presentation that is not supposed to be there. All you need to do is enable the passcode option in settings for that meeting, and send it out with the meeting link to everyone who is attending. 


While it may be tempting to stay in your pajamas or sweatshirt, appearance is still vital. You want to dress the same way you would for an in-person presentation. Business casual is usually a good general rule for how to dress even for online meetings. You can read our blog “How to Dress Business Casual” for some tips on what to wear. Also, you want to go ahead and make sure your camera is on. Check your lighting so your face is not covered by shadows. This helps keeps the audience engage and ensures you are visible to the people you are presenting to. Lastly, try and get your computer camera to around eye level to give the visual effect of making eye contact like you would in person. 

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