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You might have seen a previous blog about how to dress business casual, and if not then you can go ahead and read it here. But if you did read that you might be wondering what is business professional? This blog outlines how to dress business professional and gives some examples!

Business professional is a traditional form of work attire still used today. This being said many companies expect business casual in day-to-day work. “You might wear business professional in industries like accounting, banking, finance, government or law.” (Indeed). Business professional is used in jobs/companies that require a stricter dress code.

For Men

Business professional for men include tailored well-fitting suits. You want to avoid bright colors and use a conservative tie. Furthermore, you want to avoid light-colored suits as they are commonly worn at special events like weddings. Ties with bright colors and patterns are not acceptable. For a shirt, you commonly want a white or light blue button-down shirt with a collar. Shirts in the medium blue range are also acceptable.

For shoes the oxford, loafer, monk strap, and wingtip are acceptable and the most popular. When adding accessories a nice watch and briefcase are acceptable. For belts, they should match your suit.

Business Professional Men Dress Code: Modern Office Style Guide (2020)
For Women

Similar to men you want to use neutral dark colors like black and navy blue. Pantsuits are a great option. These can be a blazer with pants or a skirt. Also, you want to make sure your skirt is fitted and below knee level, anything shorter does not fit the business professional dress code. For tops, you want a very nice blouse or button-down neutral-colored skirt.

For shoes, you can wear flats, pumps, or heels. You want to make sure that the heel is 3 inches or less. For accessories, it is common to carry a briefcase and wear minimal jewelry. You want to avoid flashy jewelry and heavy perfume. As for nails, you want them to be trimmed and clean, but you also can paint them with nude colors. Lastly, if you have tattoos you may be required to cover them, and the same goes for men.

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Business professional is a clean neutral-colored look. It takes the requirements up a notch from business casual. For more information and examples check out the resources below.