It is common knowledge that exercising regularly can help you live a healthy life. But, do you know the health benefits of 5Ks?

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Benefits of 5Ks

  1. Type of Running

Long distance running is great habit to develop because it highly improve the health of your lifestyle. Additionally, it has many more benefits than short distance spirit training. Running can be a fun hobby for some and also offers the potential to compete in races against others. Most people don’t realize participating in races can also be a great way to compete against yourself and push yourself to beat your personal records.

2. 5Ks

There are many different types of races ranging from 1 mile to a marathon. 5Ks are often the recommended starting place for people new to running or racing. The distance isn’t intimidating but it is far enough that it will push you to train. Furthermore, on average running a 5K takes 30-40 minutes which is a great amount of time for a daily workout.

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3. Cardio Benefits

Running is consider a cardio or aerobic exercise which challenge and strengthen your lungs and heart. Experts often recommend people should have 2-4 cardio workout sessions a week. There are multiple ways to workout your cardiovascular system and running is the most common version. Training for a race is a great motivator to get yourself to get cardiovascular workouts to become a habit in your life.

4. Great leg workout

The health benefits of walking vary greatly with physical and mental health benefits. The most common and obvious benefit is the strength gained in your legs. For example, the more you walk and more difficult the walk is, the stronger your legs will become.

Soul Stroll Remote 5k

Soul dogs is hosting a week long fundraising event from February 14th – 21st. The event will give supporters of our nonprofit a chance to run or walk a 5k throughout the week and accept donations from friends and family on their behalf.

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