Mental health is something that we can disregard in the busy world we live in, but it is more important to take time to focus on your mental health now more than ever. In the stressful social distant world that is 2021 people’s mental health has been declining at a rate never seen before as stated by the KFF. so it is important to form good habits and practices that can make the difference in your mental health. Here’s a list of a few great mental health tips to make sure you are giving yourself the attention you need.

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  1. Take time to be away from screens: In the year 2021 we are forced to look at screens more now than ever. Constant zoom meetings and working from home has created an environment where we are forced to stare at screens whether we like it or not. This can have a negative impact on mood and even create fatigue.
  1. Practice self care: Eating a healthy diet and focusing on getting some form of exercise everyday is one of the most beneficial things you can do to take care of your mental health. Exercise has been proven to provide mood boosting endorphins which can help to fight anxiety and depression.
  2. Practice mindfulness and meditation techniques: Practicing mindfulness and mediation can help to calm invasive or negative thoughts and give one a more positive view of life. Taking the time to focus on your breath can help to calm the mind and body and has been shown to have great effects in alleviating anxiety and promoting positive thinking.
  1. Avoid self medicating with substances: The use of alcohol and drugs in self medicating has some serious effects on one’s mental health. Often individuals seek out the use of drugs and alcohol to escape their problems only to find that they may feel worse about them once the effects of the substance have worn off. Instead of using substances focus on doing an activity that makes you feel fulfilled or exercise.
  1. If you need it, seek professional help: Therapy has been long proven as the most effective form of help for mental health issues. Reaching out can be difficult, but sometimes we all need a little help.

These are a few powerful ways to help sustain or improve your mental health. A combination of all of these are important, but focus on what you can change and don’t stress about what you cant. 

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