Our mission is to provide affordable community-based multi-cultural services for families in the Denver metropolitan area and enhancing the lives of parents and children with physical and intellectual disabilities.  

These services include parental education and support, therapeutic supervised visitation, family therapy, individual therapy, art therapy and classes, children’s therapy, single mom education, and support. Our program is provided remotely and in-person at our Family Life Center.

Becoming Strong Women

The Soul Dogs, Inc. Family Life Center, Becoming Strong Women Group AKA Women’s Group, is aimed at raising the status of women through education, empowerment, and community support.

The group will educate women on the topics of women’s health, empowerment, self-compassion, mental health (trauma and recovery), violence against women, women’s rights, relaxation/meditation, sexual health, and diversity.

Current Groups:
Monday’s 5pm-7pm in person at
Soul Dogs Inc. 

Men and Masculinity

The Soul Dogs, Inc. Family Life Center Men and Masculinity Group AKA ‘Men’s Group’ is aimed at deconstructing the definition of masculinity as they manifest in society and the lives of men in the community.

The group will promote healthy and respectful manhood, challenge harmful cultural and social norms, promote and maintain healthy relationships, confidence building, mental health symptoms, and solutions, and building a strong relationship between the men and their community. 

Group starts in June!


Parent Support Group

The Soul Dogs, Inc. Family Life Center Parent Support Group aims to support and strengthen existing parenting abilities by promoting the development of new competencies. These competencies assist parents in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to carry out child-rearing responsibilities, and provide their children with experiences and opportunities that promote child learning and development.  

Community-based parent support programs are based on the belief that when parents receive parenting support as well as other supports and resources, they are more likely to feel better about themselves and their parenting abilities, and in turn, interact with their children in responsive and supportive ways enhancing the development of their children.

Currently running a parenting group on Tuesdays at 10am, Wednesdays at 1pm or Saturdays at 1pm on zoom. In-person parenting offered as well.

Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is when the noncustodial parent can visit with the child only when supervised by another adult. It is used to keep the child safe, while supporting the parent-child relationship. Enrolling families now.

This service is offered to families whereas court orders or recommendations have been made by professionals for visiting parents to have supervised visitation in a therapeutic setting, under the guidance and observation of one of our behavior/mental health professionals.

This service can be helpful for families who may be involved in high-risk custody and visitation cases, child(ren) who are resistant to visits with non-custodial parents, or children who may need emotional support during the visits by one of our behavior/mental health professionals

This type of supervision is designed to provide children with a safe environment to meet with visiting parent(s) with the support of a Licensed Professional Counselor to help guide the visitor to successful interaction between visiting parent and child.  The degree of guidance needed may vary from family to family. 

Individual Services

Animal-Assisted Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Trauma-Informed Care
Anger Management
Play Therapy
Art Therapy

Group Services

Animal-Assisted Group Therapy
Mom Support Groups
Men Support Groups
Survivor Groups
Children’s Art Therapy Groups
Anger Management Groups Family Therapy

Accepting Colorado Access, DD and SLS Medicaid Waivers, and Self Pay

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