When you bring home a new puppy, one of the last things on your mind may be picking a name for your new furry friend. Both of you are creating new experiences and beginning to build a strong foundation for your relationship. The name that you choose for your puppy will be what they listen for when you call them and you will want them to pay attention to you. Teaching name recognition to your dog is a great first step to building your bond.

Soul Dog Nugget when he was a puppy.
  1. Start using their name day one. Before picking up your puppy, work to have a group of names that you like. Then when you are spending that first day with your pup, you can begin to see aspects of their personality and decide what name best suits them. Or if you’ve witnessed some of their personality when visiting them before picking them up, strive to have a name picked out and ready. You may begin calling them by this name as soon as you welcome them home. 
  2. Say your pup’s name in a happy tone. Grab some training treats and begin utilizing positive reinforcement training. Wait until your pooch isn’t looking at you and say their name. When they look at you, reward the behavior with a treat. 
  3. If your pup is distracted, move to another area. It is not easy to train a puppy when they are distracted. If you feel any frustration, take a moment to walk away and calmly return to the situation. Then take them to a different part of the house, where they may be more inclined to focus on you. 
  4. Play the name game anytime. Do it when you’re watching TV, cooking dinner, or just relaxing in your home. Anytime that you have a moment to call their name and reward them is a good time to train. 
  5. Remain consistent in your training. Make sure to reinforce the positive behavior until you get an automatic reaction. In time, your dog responds to their name and receives praise without requiring treats.
Source: Rover.com

Truly, the best tip when teaching your pup their name is to repeat, repeat, repeat. The name game is a great start to learning the importance of training and the amount of time that it requires. If you haven’t read previous blog posts, click the links to read about “Dog Tips: Flying With Your Furry Friend,” and “Dog Tips: Traveling With Your Pooch,”