Staying home has been an adjustment for all of us.

Here are a few ideas to make staying in just as fun going out.

Dog DIY Projects

For many of us, our dogs are like family. Taking care of your pup and showing them love is just as important as taking care of your loved ones. In these DIY projects, we will show you small ways you can pamper your dog and show them some love. These projects are budget-friendly and relatively easy, so anyone can do them!

Dog Paw Balm

shallow focus photography of white dog s paws
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Dog paws are super sensitive, and over time they begin to crack and dry out from being on hot and rough surfaces. Taking care of your pup’s paws is an essential part of caring for them. Try out this DIY from SHTFPreparedness, to make a balm to protect your dog’s paws. This recipe, in particular, is great because it is completely safe for your dog when they will inevitably lick their paws.

Dog Bandana

brown and white short coated dog
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Something about dogs in bandanas is so cute. Bandanas are the perfect way to dress up your pup without putting them in full outfits. They are nonrestrictive but fashionable, and will make your dog look picture perfect! Instead of paying for an overpriced dog branded bandana, make your own! By making your own you are able to customize the colors and patterns of your bandana and make it the perfect size for your pup! Try out this DIY from Lia Griffith.

Snuffle Mat

Image from Canine Compilation

Snuffle mats are little pieces of fabric that you tie together and then hide dog treats in for your pup to try and find. Think of snuffle mats as brain training for your dog! This activity will keep your dog’s senses strong as they try to pinpoint where the treat is inside of the mat. This is one of the simplest DIY projects on this list, it only requires pieces of scrap fabric, so you don’t even need to go to the store. For more information on how to make a snuffle mat for your dog, check out this DIY from Canine Compilation.

Wooden Dog Bed

Image from My Frugal Adventures

Many of us can agree that sometimes store-bought dog beds are less than stylish. If you have a pampered pooch that would prefer to sit on the couch than in their bed, try making this wooden dog bed. It is a stylish version of a dog bed that you can customize so it looks better in your home and that your dog is more enticed to lay in. You can alter the proportions as well as handpick the cushion your dog will lay on. For detailed instructions, look at this DIY from My Frugal Adventures.

Doggy Cooling Mat

Image from Diana Rambles

Winter is slowly coming to an end, which means it is time to start preparing for the warmer months. During the summer here in Colorado, temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees so it is important your dog stays cool. This DIY cooling mat from Diana Rambles is great for your pup, it will keep them comfortable as it gets warmer!

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