Staying home has been an adjustment for all of us.

Here are a few ideas to make staying in just as fun going out.

New Years Celebration

This New Year is going to look very different than usual but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun. This year instead of meeting up with friends, you can meet up virtually. Here are some suggestions on how you can make your New Years’ celebration fun without leaving your couch.

Zoom Countdown

One of the best parts of New Years’ is celebrating with friends and family, the great news is you CAN still do that! This year, opt to zoom each other instead of meeting in person. Set a time for when everyone can meet up on zoom and get the virtual party started! You can stay on zoom until the ball drops and it will feel as if you were truly together.

Pop Open A Bottle

Celebrating with champagne or sparkling cider is a great way to celebrate the beginning of the New Year and the end of 2020. Pour yourself a small glass and celebrate your accomplishments and wishes for the future. This is not a necessity but it definitely will make your at-home party feel like a true celebration.

Use Props to Take Zoom Selfies

To commemorate the end of 2020, try taking some pictures with your Zoom party so you can always remember the moment. Zoom has several features that allow you to record or take a screenshot of the chat. To your pictures more fun, make your own silly 2021 props, or buy some from any local grocery store. You can do themed pictures or keep it random. Whatever you choose, you will definitely want to remember the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

Playlist to Ring in the New Year

Whether you are spending New Years’ alone or if you are celebrating on zoom, making a countdown playlist is a great idea if you don’t want to watch the ball drop. Collect a bunch of your favorite songs from 2020 and calculate the timing so by midnight your playlist ends with your favorite song.

Watch the Ball Drop
Happy New Year 2021 Text Holiday Celebration Graphic with Gold Fireworks Background in Night Sky

The countdown to the ball drop is always full of entertainment and music and this year is no different. If you are not sure how to watch the 2020 ball drop check out this article by Good Housekeeping to find a way to join the virtual celebration. You can watch the ball drop, alone, over Zoom, or with the people in your house. Watching the ball drop is a great way to keep old traditions alive during this odd New Years.


Good Housekeeping– How to Watch the 2021 New Years Eve Ball Drop