Chelsea Werner modeling.

Hey, Soul Dog supporters! We are kicking off a series of success stories in the IDD community. 

About Chelsea

This week, we are featuring a Special Olympic National and World Champion medal holder, Chelsea Werner. Werner is a dedicated gymnast and has found much success in the sport. She holds four National Special Olympic Gymnastics titles and two World Champion titles.

She was born with down syndrome, but is not held back in any way by it. Werner has been successful with not only sports. Gymnastics opened the door for a successful modeling career. She was scouted by a modeling agency based in New York City and since has modeled for many popular retailers such as Target and H&M, bringing inclusivity to their campaigns. Her first passion, gymnastics, brought her to her next passion, modeling. 

Werner began participating in athletics at the age of eight and has tried out multiple sports including soccer and swimming. She fell in love with gymnastics and began training many hours a week for the Special Olympics. She competed in the first Special Olympics National Gymnastics Championships in 2012 and became National Champion.

Chelsea Werner showcasing her medals.

Gymnastics also has taught Werner discipline and how to overcome obstacles that she may face in life. She inspires others with down syndrome to achieve their dreams and is an advocate for breaking down barriers that IDD individuals have. 

 Werner has proven her doctors wrong, who told her she would always have low muscle tone when she was born. She was unable to walk until she was two years old. Werner hopes to inspire people with IDDs to pursue anything their heart desires and live life to the fullest. She has seen first hand what hard work can do. 

She has been featured on the Today show and has a large following on social media. Check out her Instagram here


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Chelsea Werner