Has slowed us down but not stopped us! We are pushing things back per the state but ready to go once we get the green light! Don’t leave us! In the meantime enjoy another picture of Ruby and Halsey

Social Program

We are so excited to add a social program to our plans. I have been so concerned about the ways many of our participants have been meeting others…typically on line. More and more reports of being exploited, being drugged and robbed, and being hurt. They frequently fall victim to cat fishing. So…we decided to offerContinue reading “Social Program”

New pup

Hello all We have been very busy with our dogs -Nelson who is our old man, sky who is our gentle pittie and Bodhi who is our obnoxious teenager. But then…we decided to add Penelope who is an 8 week old Great Dane. She’s working on potty training now but sits like a champ! BusyContinue reading “New pup”