Independent Life Skills: Time Management

Time management is a system that priorities tasks based on what you want to accomplish. It involves three types of time including predictable, discretionary, and other-imposed time. The key to efficiently managing your time is by learning to maximize your discretionary time by using it efficiently. Often times, time management can be over looked andContinue reading “Independent Life Skills: Time Management”

Independent Life Skills: Transportation

The style in which one lives their life can affect fulfillment and happiness. Community involvement can add a feeling of connection to an individuals life. Skills are needed to be able to successfully be involved with a community. For example, learning the skills safety and transportation allow for independence in the community. At times learningContinue reading “Independent Life Skills: Transportation”

Independent Life Skills: Lifestyle & Social Interaction

The style in which one lives their life can affect fulfillment and happiness. Social interaction and independence are the main contributors to someone feeling satisfied and happy. At times learning new skills or lifestyles can be overwhelming. It is important to start small and take steps toward bigger goals. Lifestyle Independence and happiness start withContinue reading “Independent Life Skills: Lifestyle & Social Interaction”

Independence Through Life Skills and Daily Activities

Independent life skills allow people to live the most meaningful and purposeful life. Skills that relate to working, playing, learning and daily living contribute to the goal of an independent and quality life. Independence/Life Skills According to the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disability, there are three elements of independence for peopleContinue reading “Independence Through Life Skills and Daily Activities”

Independent Life Skills: Self-Advocacy

Self-Esteem The concept of self-advocacy is founded on believing in yourself. In order to believe in yourself, one needs to know their own strengths and believe they are worthwhile. People with low self-esteem often struggle with being a self-advocate. Improving one’s self-esteem can be a challenging task. Having a method or process that helps youContinue reading “Independent Life Skills: Self-Advocacy”