Soul Dogs, Inc. employs many behavior/mental health therapists with a variety of expertise. We are all trauma-informed therapists and specialize in this area. We are available to teams, families, and providers to assist in completing an assessment and developing a behavior support plan to benefit the individuals we serve. We are here to help you help your consumer. This is in addition to the counseling with the individuals.

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Behavior Therapy/Mental Health Counseling

Soul Dogs, Inc. prides itself on its behavior services department. While we all utilize behavior modification techniques, we specialize in trauma-informed mental health treatment as we look beyond the behaviors to truly understand the individual and support them.

Soul Dogs, Inc. adheres to the three key factors of trauma-informed care/treatment:

  • safety
  • connections
  • emotion management

We individualize every program which also may include, but is not limited to mindfulness/relaxation training, body awareness training, coping skills and social skills education, psycho-education, art therapy, yoga/meditation, and animal-assisted therapy.

We provide behavior services in English, Spanish and ASL.

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Animal-Assisted Therapy

Soul Dogs, Inc. was founded on the premise that animals are healing agents. Our day program focuses on train-the-trainer, that is, teaching individuals with ID/DD how to train animals and learn the skills necessary to care for a pet or have a service dog or emotional support dog if indicated. Our job services programs include training on animal management, dog walking services, treat-making, dog training, dog grooming, etc. to name a few.

Our therapy program includes animals if the client so desires. This could mean the involvement of a trained therapy dog in sessions or could involve one of our other therapy animals, including:

  • Luna the hedgehog
  • Marigold, Ava, Nugget, and Jasmine the guinea pigs
  • Ash the bearded dragon
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All therapists at Soul Dogs, Inc. are trained in animal assisted therapy.