Meet Our Soul Dogs

Our Mission

1. Soul Dogs, Inc. is a collaborative experience between clinical therapy for individuals with developmental disabilities/intellectual disabilities/autism with co-existing psychiatric disorders and the service dog/assistance dog/emotional support dog/therapy dog industry.

2. A small supported community connections and specialized day habilitation day program will add to the wrap around services for the individuals we serve. The program will run five days for three hours/day during which the consumer-service dog pair will be supported in the community. In this way, the individuals may visit places heretofore they were afraid to visit, learn how to work with their dogs in everyday settings, and enjoy greater independence and freedom. Skills necessary, such as dog training, dog grooming and feeding, veterinary care, CPR/First Aid, etc. will be taught in the on-site specialized day habilitation program.

3. Additionally, many individuals in the DD/ID system wish to work in the animal services industry but lack the contacts and training necessary; Soul Dogs, Inc. will contract/consult with a Prevocational Training expert to provide vocational training and support in this specific work industry.

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